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From Taglit to Tel Aviv:
Navigating Aliyah and Stereotypes

The 1st episode of Olim TLV is out now!

Noa is joined by co-host, comedian, and most eligible Israeli bachelor Matan Peretz where they discuss Noa's Aliyah journey and more.


Noa made Aliyah in 2019 after studying abroad in Tel Aviv and doing Taglit. Her and Matan met in January of 2023 and quickly became friends. Matan is an Israeli standup Comedian with an impressive English accent, and together him and Noa started co-hosting English Comedy Nights once a month at Standup Factory in TLV.

Noa and Matan talk about the different stereotypes associated with Olim, how JAPs fund the Israeli economy, and how easy it is to spot on Oleh on the street.

Haven't heard the episode yet?

American girls aren’t easy, Israeli men are
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